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The first thing you notice about The Wellington Neighborhood is how the cozy Victorian style homes nestle up to the pine tree covered hills as if in a Currier & Ives story, but the towering mountains are what command your attention and invigorate your mind...

There is an adventurous spirit in all of us who live to experience the incredible rush of a powder day, the heart-pounding speed of a mountain bike as it races down the B&B trail in July, the tug of a fighting gold medal trout and the playful excitement of an attempt to outrun a torrential rainstorm. We live for the push of the last few hundred yards to summit a "14er" and can't imagine how the other half lives without the ability to enjoy the crisp mountain air, bluebird skies and the grand Rocky Mountains everyday.

The winter brought us here...

When you walk into a local coffee shop on a snowy November morning, the smell of fresh pastries and strong thick coffee fill your senses. The smile that greets you at the counter will be zealous, but genuine. The energy of the place is filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming winter season and fantasies of many powder days.

We love our winter activities and we are blessed with many:

Skiing, Snowboarding and Nordic Skiing

Backcountry Huts

Sledding... of all kinds

Ice Skating & Hockey

The summers keep us here...


You won't find us too far from home during the summertime in Breckenridge. We don't spend much time doing yard work because most of the weekends are filled with music at the River Walk Center or at a Local Festival or BBQ. You could possibly look for us down by the Blue River enjoying the world-class fishing or Rafting down Ten Mile Creek or the Arkansas River just a short drive from town. But mostly, you will find us outside in the mountains enjoying the scenery, wild flowers, riding, hiking or running on the trails we love. There are more then 30 trail options within the town of Breckenridge that connect to a network of trails that will take you as far as Keystone, Frisco, Copper... there are endless possibilities! It's a simple life, but it's extraordinary.

Mountain Biking, Running & Hiking

B & B and French Gulch Trailheads within minutes of the neighborhood:

  1. Gold Run Road, 10.5 miles
  2. B&B & Turks Trail, 6 miles
  3. B&B - Mini Mine, X10U8 connection
  4. Sallie Barber Mine, 9.5 miles
  5. French Gulch & Little French, 16+ miles
  6. Stables-Country Boy Mine connection
  7. The Town of Breckenridge - Trails page
  8. Summit County Bike Guide

Rafting, Kayaking & Sailing, Fishing

As you can see, there are endless reasons why one would want to live in Summit County. And The Wellington Neighborhood is just the place. It caters to all of these fabulous activities and hobbies - a little taste for everyone. We are a melting pot of great neighbors from all over the country. There is something magical that brings us all here and the lifestyle & beauty that keep us all here.